Pictures from the expedition

Preparing the departure with the boat from Nanortalik into the Tasermiut fjord.

A bit of exercise on the boat from Narsarsuaq to Nanortalik.

First view of Ulamertorssuaq. We made a new route on the 900 meter cylinder in the middle and a new 7 pitch sport climb on Little Ulamertorssuaq to the left.

Ferrying equipment and food for 6 weeks.

Sunrise seen from our base camp at the fjord.

The eagle a 10 minutes walk from the base camp. In the background it is the peak Kirkespiret.

Base camp. Not perfect weather for climbing.

Base camp. Clearing up.

Matthias leading about 500 meter high on Ulamertorssuaq.

Matthias returning to Portaledge Camp 1.

Matthias in Portaledge Camp 1.

Matthias hanging out on our restday in Portaledge Camp 2.

Jens in Portaledge Camp 2. Preparing to jumar fixed ropes left the day before.

Lars in Portaledge Camp 2. Preparing for a days climb, using the plastic-bag-toilet.

Matthias cleaning pitch 15 above Portaledge Camp 2.

Portaledge Camp 2, 600m high in the wall.

Matthias hammering a hole for one of  the belay bolts.

Matthias rappelling down after 7 days in the wall.

Matthias preparing the Hilti power drill for our new sport climb on Little Ulamertorssuaq.

Matthias leading on Little Ulamertorssuaq. The Hilti is ready for action.

View of Nalumasortoq. The wall is about 700m high.

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