Radio communication

VHF Radio

Maritime frequencies

Channel Frequency Use of channel
04 (Duplex) Qaqortoq Radio 160.800MHz, Ship 156.200MHz
06 (Simplex) 156.300MHz Communication in the fjord
08 (Simplex) 156.400MHz Communication in the fjord
16 (Simplex) 156.800MHz Call channel.

Emergency calls

Storm warnings (hear the warnings at CH 28. Ketil and Ulamertorssuaq are in area 7)

28 (Duplex) Qaqortoq Radio 162.000MHz, Ship 157.400MHz

Communication with Qaqortoq Radio was good from Ulamertorssuaq and elevated areas, but difficult from the camp at the fjord.We used about 3 W output. They were kind to help us with weather forecasts that contained more than just what is interesting for ships.

FM/AM Radio: We could not receive anything. News and weather would only be in danish and greenlandic language anyway.