Some details from the climb of Piteraq

Portaledge Camps:

During the climb in Camp 1 and 2 we had rain, but only at night. Some days and nights we had heavy wind, which made the sleeping feel like sleeping in a bad train driving too fast on very bad rails. The portaledges had to be tied down.

The quality of the rock on Ulamertorssuaq:

Generally the lower half of the wall is good rock, but there are places with not so good or totally rotten rock. The granit in the upper part is just perfect.

Total number of jumar-meters for the team 11250 meters
Total number of climbing-meters 1100 meters
Total number of rappel-meters 12350 meters

Amount of equipment hauled to Camp 1
Water 80 kg
Food 30 kg
Climbing equipment + 5*60m rope 60 kg
Portaledges, personal gear, etc 50 kg
TOTAL 220 kg

Fixropes used until Camp 1: 11 ropes, 660 meters, 40 kg

Equipment shipped in advance to Nanortalik: 1000 liters