Time schedule for the climb of Piteraq

For the climb we used 21 days. 10 days for climbing and fixing ropes. 8 days in the wall to finish the climb. The whole climb from Base Camp to Base Camp took 26 days. The reason for chooseing this heavy expedition style was that we expected bad weather with much rain, as many parties have reported the previus summers. The other reason was that our 4th climber would have to join us 2 weeks into the expedition.


25/6 Carry equipment  from Base Camp to ABC
26/6 Carry equipment  from Base Camp to ABC
27/6 Climb+fix ropes
28/6 Climb+fix ropes
29/6 Climb+fix ropes
1/7 Climb+fix ropes
2/7 Climb+fix ropes
3/7 Climb+fix ropes
4/7 Climb+fix ropes
5/7 Climb+fix ropes
6/7 Climb+fix ropes
10/7 Climb+fix ropes+haul equipment
12/7 Climb+fix ropes+haul equipment. Camp 1 established. Sleep in Camp 1
13/7 Climb. Sleep in Camp 1
14/7 Climb. Sleep in Camp 1
15/7 Climb+move from Camp 1 to Camp 2. Sleep in Camp 2
16/7 Climb. Sleep in Camp 2
17/7 Climb. Sleep in Camp 2
18/7 Climb. Reach the peak at 4 pm. Rappel down and sleep in Camp 2
19/7 Rappel down from Camp 2 with all the equipment
20/7 Carry equipment down to the Base Camp